Lauren and Gavin's Wedding Day

Every time I talk to peers, they mention they are terrified of shooting weddings. I'm afraid to admit that wedding photography might be my favorite. These past few years as a concert photographer have been a blessing, but it's always nice to get a break from the vanity of it and celebrate love and photographs that stand the test of time and truly matter.

A few months back, my friend Shannon bought her first DSLR camera and caught the photography bug. We've spent time since then going through different settings and she's put a lot of work into learning the technical side of photography. I asked Shannon if she would join me as a second photographer because I knew her creativity would come out and provide Gavin and Lauren some great images that they can treasure for a lifetime.

For me, having a second shooter (especially a female) helped me focus on the really important moments, while she got to bond with the bride and document the "getting ready" process. It also allowed me to skip over to the groom's side and document his day. What we got was a great mix of images that truly tell the story of this wedding day.

The wedding took place in a lodge right outside of Knoxville, Tennessee at RT Lodge. Nestled in the woods, the outdoor ceremony was small, simple and perfectly fit the couple.

We joined up with Lauren and documented the ladies getting ready for the day.

A few tears were shed when Lauren's flower headband was completed.

The guys arrived and got ready in a separate house on the property.

Gavin and his father.

Family and friends started arriving and visited with the couple.

The bride reading letters from loved ones.

Lauren's dress!

It was time for the ceremony to start. The band was in place, family and friends all took their seats and we anxiously waited for the bride to walk down the isle with her father.


Gavin wrote his vows in the form of a poem, while Lauren wrote hers in the form of a letter.

RT Lodge is located in Marysville, TN- right outside of Knoxville. The lodge is tucked away in the forrest and has a beautiful, winding driveway that leads to it. We scouted the location prior and I knew that this was the place to photograph the couple. What we found was great, dramatic lighting!

Family portraits were taken by the goldfish pond in the middle of the RT Lodge property. 

The first dance for the couple was a tearjerker! Lauren also danced to "Butterfly Kisses" with her father.

The candle-lit reception felt like mealtime in the Godfather. The couple happily obliged to a serious photo at the table.

We had a blast photographing Lauren and Gavin's wedding! It was such a blessing to be a part of their engagement photo session and to witness them tie the knot in front of loved ones. The guest list was limited to about 40, and everyone was equally loved and important to the couple. Their wedding was completely different than what I've been used to shooting and it certainly got me thinking about what I'd like at my wedding. They are special and I'm grateful to have captured their wedding day!

Technical info:

I had the pleasure of shooting with a Canon 5Ds, and Shannon used a Canon 70D. I kept it simple, only using the 24-70mm F/2.8L on the 5Ds. Shannon used the 18-135mm STM kit lens and a 50mm 1.4 prime. She absolutely killed it on her first wedding shoot!