Engagement Shoot - The story behind the truck date

When I met Ben backstage at a concert six years ago, little did I know that within a few years he'd become my roommate and closest ally both professionally and in my personal life. He's made my move and stay in Nashville possible. He's a leader and wants to help others through his charity, the Nashville Basket Brigade. To say I look up to the guy is a severe understatement. He's a damn good photographer and an even better friend. It's just not fair! He also has an IQ of 150, or something like that. He gets it.

Driving to our location in the truck!

Driving to our location in the truck!

Skip to May of last year. One day after work I saw him stringing up LED lights around his truck bed. Ben met a girl named Kara, and that day he was preparing to take a date. We call it the truck date. No big deal. (it totally is).


Ben's very thoughtful and creative, and somehow came up with this brilliant idea to take Kara on a date to Percy Warner Park (Steeplechase, to be exact). He grabbed a to-go meal from a favorite Italian restaurant in town, a bottle of wine and made sure the string lights worked. I mean, this is something right out of a country song. I can't make this up.

I normally don't shoot engagement photos, but this one was a no-brainer for me. (They gave me free beer!)

Soon after Ben popped the question, we chatted about re-creating the truck date for engagement photos. They loved the idea so we ran with it. Is it intimidating to shoot engagement photos for one of your favorite photographers? Absolutely. Here's the great thing about this shoot, though. Ben and Kara are madly in love and it was a blast having them in front of my camera. All you have to do is turn them loose! Plus, a subject that understands lighting and background? Easy day in the office for me.

Kara's a great match for Ben because she's brave enough to run with his crazy ideas. She plays in the worship band at her church and is an avid baker. Seeing these two make sitting down at the table for lunch or dinner without distraction (yes! like the old days!) always impresses me.

Ben and Kara

Ben and Kara

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Congrats to Ben and Kara on their engagement!

The gear used for this shoot: Canon 5D Mark II + Canon 50mm F/1.4, 24-70mm F/2.8L, and 70-200mm 2.8L. Shot in RAW and edited in Adobe Lightroom.