Gear Talk: Canon 5Ds First impressions

I got my hands on the Canon 5Ds and decided to do a little test run with it. I think I'm in love!

I was a bit nervous about it because early reviews haven't been rave-worthy. A 50 megapixel sensor is a crazy thing, after all! I didn't think the resolution was necessary until I saw it with my own eyes. To see your images that big is bizarre and awesome.

Coming from shooting with a 5D Mark II, the new 5Ds handles and shoots like a dream. Call me crazy, but I prefer it over the 5D Mark III. Everything from the AF performance to the way it sounds and feels makes the camera feel tailored just for me.

Anyway, I'll get to some technical stuff in a later post, I just wanted to quickly post a few 100% crop samples of the 50mp files. There was no sharpness added or noise reduction applied.. these are straight out of camera. Shot with a 24-70mm 2.8L mk I at f/5.6.

Not sharp, eh?

I think it's just fine. More to come soon!